“Really enjoyed my first workout of Pop Pilates, can’t wait for the next one! As someone who has anxiety, it was great to find something like this, Aimee made me feel very relaxed and welcome” -Laura

“I was worried as a man I wouldn’t enjoy the stress workshops or Pop Pilates, but I was so surprised. It was wonderful having someone who knew what she was talking about. I left feeling inspired” -Adam


“Aimee is absolutely incredible! I’ve just finished an 8 week programme & I’m so so pleased with my results, both mentally & physically!
Aimee always goes the extra mile to make sure she is able to help with absolutely anything, even if it’s just a chat/rant to clear your mind! So so grateful for everything she has done to make sure I continuously push myself to do the best I can! Not a lot of PTs would take so much time to focus on the clients strengths & weaknesses!
I’ve always hated any form of exercise but having sessions with aimee has changed my mind completely! I not only enjoy our sessions but also love her Pop Pilates classes!!
Shes changed me in so many ways!!
I can’t wait to start again in the new year!!
Thank you so so much aimee!” -Priya

“Just finished my 6 week PT plan with Aimee and I’m so sad it’s over! Aimee has really got me back into fitness after I’d lost all motivation and has helped me get my fitness levels back up again. I’ve loved every single session and would recommend Aimee to anyone!” Amy B.

“I had 6 weeks PT sessions with Aimee with one goal- to enjoy exercise, and to have a healthy relationships with exercise. She definitely succeeded in getting me pumped and excited to do exercise just for fun. She checked in every week to see if there was anything she could do to make each session great and she even gave me plans for when I finished. Last week I tried a couple of new classes at a gym locally to me and I thought “I would not be here if I hadn’t done my PT sessions.” Aimee made me realise the importance of exercise for mental heath- a great stress reliever- and gave me the confidence to try new things. Thank you Aimee!!” -Amy R.

“I had a 6 week training programme with Aimee and in that time I lost over a stone and gained so much confidence! As someone who was nervous to go in a gym and start exercising I can safely say that that person is gone and now I feel so comfortable being in a gym! I can’t thank Aimee enough for her continuous support throughout training and even after! Not only has she helped me start a physical change she has also helped mentally, I used to think the gym was a bit of a chore and now it’s where I go to destress and clear my mind and I’m always excited to go! Aimee is the kindest, most caring and supportive person and couldn’t recommend her enough, constantly making you feel at ease and made sessions so fun! She has really has helped me in so many ways and can’t wait to return to her programme! Thank you so much Aimee!” Lucy