Sheffield is one of the friendliest places in the country so it’s no guessing why so many meet old friends, family or even hold events here. But one issue Sheffield holds is the lack of variety in restaurants in it’s city centre, and that’s where Turtle Bay comes in and saves the day.

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant located across the UK but new to Holly Street in Sheffield (next to the city hall!). It provides a lively, colourful and delicious experience with bold flavours for all including vegetarians, vegans and gluten free people to enjoy and I was lucky enough to try the new menu making a storm in Sheffield.

When entering the restaurant on a Wednesday evening it was already super busy and lively so I recommend booking before you go but they do have some space for walk ins! The restaurant was colourful, vibrant and bustling as I imagine a Caribbean restaurant would be. We were taken to our seats in a booth right by the open kitchen so I could watch as the fresh food is made right before me.

When handed the menu I couldn’t believe how may choices of cocktails and different foods there was. I don’t drink very often so we opted for a Vanilla and Passionfruit Mojito and a Passionfruit cooler (non-alcoholic) which were both so refreshing and cooling to help handle all the spices and flavours of the food.

For starters Adam tried the duck rolls and I had the beef patties. The duck rolls looked the perfect size for a starter and tasted amazing they were so nice I wish I had ordered them! The beef patty was a little bit too big for me as a starter and would have been a lot nicer if it had more of a sauce with it as it was a little dry. But all in all the starters got us excited for the main!

For the mains I had the street shack burger, which had a beef patty and pulled pork. I’m so funny when it comes to pulled pork but this absolutely melted in your mouth the whole burger with a little jerk BBQ sauce was unreal! Adam had the jerk sirloin steak that was a little fatty and chewy but was cooked in incredible flavours and spices that made it taste like no other steak. The mains were incredibly portioned and unreal!

Finally, we had desserts (aka the best bit of the meal) I was so excited with all the choices from rum cakes to chocolate brownies and went for the sticky toffee pudding and oh my goodness it was insane. The pudding was bathed in caramel sauce and ice cream and tasted on another level, I could have eaten another! Adam tried the Banana and toffee cheesecake and loved how refreshing and cool it was after all the spices, it was just the right size!

During the whole time we were there the staff was so lovely, especially a young girl named Keren, making the whole atmosphere so much more positive. The food was amazing and we would 100% go again! Make sure to check Turtle Bay out on your next Sheffield visit!


I’ve always lived in Sheffield but when it comes to eating out Sheffield city centre doesn’t have much of an array of choices, mostly Wetherspoons’s and Italians. So when I heard Turtle Bay was opening up in the centre I couldn’t have been more excited to attend the launch party AND bring a new theme to Sheffield.

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean Jamaican restaurant seating a massive 172 people, the quirky and colourful bar and restaurant aims to bring the Caribbean life straight to Sheffield, through its perfect blend of shack-style interiors, fresh flavours, and friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Turtle Bay has a great collection of dishes for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diners as well as an incredible 40 different rums to try during their happy hour where ALL cocktails are 2 for 1!

From the moment I saw Turtle Bay, located next to the city hall, it could not have been any more different from the run down restaurants lining the city centre. The vibrant colours, modern signing and excited bustling queues got me way too excited. I wasn’t let down when I entered the restaurant, it felt like being flown to the Caribbean. A reggae band was playing, the smell of BBQ and spices and the most colourful drinks and décor surround the building.

We decided to have a look around upstairs and the gorgeous sunset walls and paintings only make you feel like you’re in the sunshine right in Sheffield. We were treated to cocktails on the free bar, which all tasted absolutely incredible.

After meeting up with the other bloggers, dancing around to the coolest band and stuffing our faces with BBQ ribs, fritters and cocktails, we decided this is what Sheffield needs. A restaurant that brings happiness, gorgeous foods and a whole new light to show what a vibrant city this is.

I cant wait to see how much success Turtle Bay will have here in Sheffield. If you are looking for a fun, exciting and amazing place to eat right in the heart of the city, turtle bay is NOT to be missed.

If there’s one thing I love in this world it’s flavoured tea.

I know so many people aren’t quite sure on them or have no idea how to use them but for me they’ve helped me so much. In a world where some loose teas are used to promote diet culture (yes, they are literally just laxatives) I wanted to show some of their true benefits.

I began using loose tea during my insomnia periods as Camomile has calming effects. At first I was skeptical but quickly realised it helped my anxiety massively, so I decided to invest and research more into them.

Over the last year I’ve tried many brands and flavours but narrowed it down to my favourite 3.

1. Sleep Tight by T2

I first discovered this tea just before my boyfriend and I moved in together, I was extremely stressed and lacking sleep. I wanted to try something that would help me sleep and calm down on an evening. This has now become a staple in my evening routine.

This loose tea is a lemon balm Tisane that is sweet in flavour and made from lemon balm, lavender, jasmine blossoms and rose petals. It’s honestly a life saver on an evening.

T2: Retails at £8.50 for 50g

2. Rose congou Tea by Jameson’s cafe and tea rooms.

I don’t drink caffeine very often as it makes my anxiety sky rocket. So when I recently found this I was over the moon. This beautiful blend of loose tea uses black tea and rose petals, an uplifting blend without the intense caffeine.

This loose tea is beautiful to uplift you and empower your mind when you most need it without the effects of caffeine. Plus if you get the chance to nip into Jameson’s I highly recommend it!

Jameson’s: retails at around £3 for 50g at

3. Apple Crumble by T2

Yes this is a real thing. When I’m trying to eat a little healthier and have less snacks on an evening where I completely boredom eat, I love this tea. This Tisane literally tastes like home baked cooking with apple and cinnamon, I love it. It does contain nuts so not ideal if you’re allergic but honestly it’s crazy what types of tea you can get!

T2: retails at £7.50 for 100G


I massively prefer loose tea to tea bags, I love making them, the taste is better and they look cute in little boxes. To brew mine I use a little sliver tube I got from T2 to scoop out some of the loose tea from the packets and add hot water to my cup and let it sit for a few minutes! It’s literally as simple as that!

Have you tried any loose tea?

Much love x

It’s February 2018 and left right and centre I’m seeing New Years resolutions being broken. Talks of loosing weight and making this year monumental, which is all well and good but we see the same goals set every year and lets be honest we all break them.

Setting yourself a large goal is great but means you’re more likely to give up quicker as you don’t see the result you want. Instead, this year set yourself smaller in between goals. If you want to lose weight, set yourself more suitable goals, such as do 10,000 steps and get more active. I like to do 10,000 steps using my Fitbit tracker and challenge my mum to contests to keep me moving.

By doing smaller goals you’ll reach your larger one but be able to celebrate without getting yourself down about not reaching your biggest goal within a small amount of time!

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself to self care and challenging goals, so I thought I’d share them.

1. Actually stick to a skincare routine

I have a bathroom cupboard full of every skincare product you could possibly need, but I’m rubbish at using them. This year I’m aiming to use my The Body Shop facial wash, cleanser and moisturiser at least 4 times a week. My skin breaks out because of working out and stress and this year I want to tackle that. I want to make sure I care for my skin! I’ve been using The Body Shop Aloe range for a few months and I adore it. I previously used the Clinique 3 step, however it became slightly harsh and too much on my skin. The Aloe range is amazing at cooling and calming my skin, especially my redness and spots.

Shop The Body Shop Aloe Viera Range: THE BODY SHOP ALOE RANGE

2. Speak and see positivity

My anxiety and mental health constantly creeps up on me when something bad happens. Over the last few years I’ve began being able to put aside negative comments and see things in a better light. This year I want to focus much more on the positive side of things. Working in events I always know it can go two ways, sometimes 50 people will turn up and sometimes nobody will and that’s something I have to remember is okay. I have to always remind myself that just because something not great happened does not mean something amazing isn’t just about to happen. I want to swap my negative thoughts for positive ones and smile more!

3. Do things I love

Being someone who goes from work, to uni, to running classes, to creating events, I don’t get much time to do things I want to do. Recently I realised this and decided to drop my hours at my part time job, just to give myself time. Time to go outside and walk, put my phone down and enjoy the world we live in. I want to take at least a day a week and just walk, go to a local park, take photos, enjoy a hot chocolate in a new place, I want to make time to enjoy the little things.

4. New Pjs

Now this one is a little different, so don’t judge me. I am one of those people who have the same pair of Pjs for like 3 years. But I have SO many pairs of old pjs I just cant bring myself to get rid of them! This year I want to try and buy 1 new pair each month. There’s nothing nicer than buying a new pair and putting them on before bed, its the height of a great evening. Lets be honest here, we are all suckers for some cozy pjs.

For me this year is about focusing on myself, who I am and doing things that I adore doing. Throughout this year I want to learn to see more positively and also see myself in a better light.

I hope this helps put into perspective that your goals don’t have to be just physical ones but also things you want to improve in yourself!

I hope you all have a lovely year.

Best Wishes,

Aimee x

Recently after watching one two many Lydia Millen Videos, I’ve began to gain a love for Luxury. Now as a student this probably is not the best new hobby for me to have, but you know it could be worse!

I work a part time job on top of being a student and running The Happiness Bootcamp, so this year I’ve decided is my year of two things, saving and treating myself. (Hell yeah I can do both).

There is something about luxury shops that feels so personal, from the attentive store assistants right down to the gift wrapped bag you carry out. I’ve always been someone that has never really bothered about a designer name due to the price but at the moment I guess I just think, why not treat myself? Why does it make any difference to what others think about what I spend my hard earned money on?

So, earlier this year I created my top 5 Luxury Items I want to purchase in 2018…

  1. Molton Brown Hand Wash and Hand Cream

So I guess I’m starting a little weird here, I know. But for anyone that hasn’t heard of Molton Brown, they are a Luxury bath, body and beauty store. Founded in London in 1973, they are usually found within five-star hotels and high-end department stores across the World. Lets just say they have really amazing smelling products. For me, I have always been attracted to their hand washes and hand creams, they look elegant, expensive and stylish and I love them. Since moving into my first home I’ve been craving those colourful little pots to be next to my sink. For the two items they start at around £38 for them both, which to me is money well spent! (I mean come on who doesn’t want their hands to smell like RockRose and Pine).

Shop my favourite’s here: Molton Brown Hand Wash

2. A Jo Malone Candle

Its a bloggers favourite, in every stylish Instagram worthy house out there and lets be fair I really want one. For the first time recently I stepped into a Jo Malone store and was greeted by the instant smell of fruit and floral amazement, all while surrounded by outstanding décor, I knew I belonged here. To my partners utter excitement I spent hours smelling all the different fragrances, while shoving the sticks up his nose each time I decided on a new favourite. On a serious note, the candles look elegant, smell amazing and last for absolutely ages. It has become my new want alongside my little growing collection (maybe with a perfume too…) Prices for the candles start at around £45.

Shop my favourites here: Jo Malone Candles

3. Ted Baker Purse

I recently purchased a Ted Baker Bag and absolutely adore it, the material is easy to clean, the quality is high and the finish is just beautiful. When I went in store to check out the matching purses, I was even more in love. The purses are elegant, simple and give a classy statement to any look. They come in a range of sizes from quite small compartments to larger statement looks. For me, I’m still debating between the colours pink and black! The purses range from £30-£109.

Shop my favourites here: Ted Baker Purses

4. A Michael Kors Bag

I’ve always been in two minds about Michael Kors, I guess I’ve always seen it as a classic brand so many people grew out of. This was until I saw their new bag collection, oh my gosh. Every bag is created with such amazing detail and to such high quality. I adore the selection of colours, designs and know it’d be a bag that would go with everything and complete any look. The bags range from £105-£2,085.00.

Shop my favourites: Michael Kors Bags

5. Christian Louboutin Heels

Last but not least, my all time want. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted a red heel. For me, it symbolises the height of luxury fashion and there’s nothing I want more. For me, the idea of going into the louboutin store and leaving with that red heel is the ultimate purchase. I’ve always been in two minds of purchasing the shoe in the London store or heading to Paris for a trip and purchasing in the flagship store, which would be an absolute dream. Since this shoe is by all means not cheap, its more of an investment and may just have to wait another year for it. I mean who wouldn’t want to make a purchase in the flagship store! Prices range from £435-£1,995.

Shop my favourites here: Christian Louboutin Heels

Even though some of these products may not seem luxury to some, these are my top 5 I want to save for this year. Over time I hope to save more and increase my collection with each year that comes!

Let me know what you want to buy this year!

All my love

Aimee x

At pretty much every event I put on through The Happiness Bootcamp project, I get asked one thing. “Why do you talk so openly about your experiences/anxiety?”. There is always one simple answer I can give to this. So that it gives others the confidence to talk about theirs.

I’ve not always been open about my experiences of mental health, for the majority of my childhood/teenage years I was extremely quiet about it. I kept it secret from my family and friends and thought the best way to deal with it was to struggle in silence. I believed nobody else felt the same way as I did, let alone anybody understanding what it felt like to be trapped within my own mind and body. But I was so wrong.

I spent years thinking I was crazy, not normal, I felt a complete failure. I felt like I was separate to everyone, like I didn’t even belong.

The day I told my parents about the awful thoughts I was having was heart breaking yet a weight off my shoulders. For me I was lucky they understood and helped me get onto my feet through different forms of therapy.

Now, I share my story openly and with confidence that if I speak out about my struggles and my ongoing mental health issues then maybe it will inspire someone else to do so too. I’m not saying stand up on stage and shout (hey if you want too, please invite me!) but speak to a friend, a family member, a teacher, a counsellor, a doctor, me, just anybody. Speak to online chats with Childline, The Samaritans or even Mind, just SPEAK.

No matter how scared you are, how difficult the situation may be or how you may feel, I promise people want to listen to you. You are able to come through the darkest of tunnels and see a beautiful light on the other side. One little sentence or cry for help is all it takes to allow yourself to heal, to begin a new journey of self love. It will never be a straight an easy ride but I can promise that if you pick yourself up and keep going, the world will become a beautiful place.

You have so much to give, so much to see and so much to do. You are amazing, beautiful and worth every second on this planet. You can get through this, you are never alone.

I believe in you.

It is time to talk.

All my love,

Aimee x


Big White Wall: An Anonymous website where you can speak to a counsellor 24/7.

MIND: Speak to a mental health advisor, attend events or even join therapy groups.

The Samaritans: Speak free and anonymously to an online or over the phone advisor for a chat or urgent help when you need it.

Student Minds: If you are a student, you are not alone. Join your local student minds and attend workshops, events and meet other peers also feeling the same way as you.

Periods. A taboo subject, let’s be honest. But for me periods have dictated my teens and have been well and truly shit. My periods have always been extremely heavy with awful periods pains that caused me to start the pill at around 13 years old because they were none stop and had no cycle. Even as an adult my periods affect me massively especially my hormones being so imbalanced, I constantly cry and my anxiety sky rockets.

When I saw the Pink Parcel I instantly fell in love. The Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that delivers all your periods needs to your door. They give you the option to choose pads, tampons or both and you get to choose the brands you like (which is great for me as I’m so picky when it comes to my periods!). The box includes chocolate treats, beauty products and self care goodies to help you feel a little better about that time of the month. I dread that time of the month so much so to receive something that’s packaged so beautifully and full of things that make me smile, it’s like a gift from me to me.

I was lucky enough to receive the November box and just had to tell you all about it as soon as I saw it!

The box comes in a black package making it completely unrecognisable so nobody would even know what the box is! Once you take off the wrapping, the box is a beautiful dark grey and pink colour, it looks so elegant and luxurious. Inside it has smaller individual boxes full of everything you could possibly need on your period.

Firstly, inside you have smaller boxes filled with pads and tampons for both day and night of your choice. They also come with a super cute little black bag that can easily be put into your handbag without anyone even knowing what it is!

Inside my favourite box is labelled “just for you”. Each month this is filled with different treats and goodies for you to enjoy. This months goodies were AMAZING!

It started with Cuppanut Tea, a herbal tea that is anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. This is just what you need for that period bloat!

It also included Cocoba truffles, these are silky salted toffee truffles. Oh my gosh, there we’re the BEST chocolates I have ever tried! What girl doesn’t NEED chocolate at that time of the month?

One product I was super excited about was the lipcote lipstick sealer! I’ve heard such great things about this and KNEW I had to give it a try. On my period not only does my skin break out but my lips become dry meaning lipsticks don’t last on me. This helps to keep my lips moisturised and keep my lipstick in place!

The most expensive product within the box is the Swiss clinic cleansing spray, a lemon scent spray with the pH the same as your face. This spray can be used on your hands, face and even your makeup brushes to help prevent those period breakouts! It retails at £18!

During my period my nails also become really brittle and break so when I saw the Nail HQ All in one oil I was so excited! This strengthens your weakened nails using hydrolysed collagen and rice protein and smells great!

You also get a The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick. This beautiful golden highlight stick helps to emphasise that beautiful period glow you get (yes! This is a real thing!)

Finally and one of my favourites, is the Beautaniq beauty radiant glow face mask. Packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants this helps to promote skin cell regeneration and natural collagen production. Allowing you to treat yourself to some pampering all while doing good to your skin!

Overall, The Pink Parcel is just incredible. This little package each month would easily brighten anyone’s time of the month, making it a little less terrible. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend it more.

I wish I’d have known about it sooner!

You can check out The Pink Parcel here:

Much love x