Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, and sadly they are faced with waiting lists and not the immediate help they deserve. With over 7.8 million people using antidepressants in 2017 its time we changed.

The Happiness Bootcamp C.I.C. uses fitness to educate on mental wellbeing through fitness. By teaching people the reasons behind why they feel the way they do while giving them a community of others going through similar experiences. It provides a life line and the help people deserve.

The Happiness Bootcamp uses fitness to release endorphins and teach just how much exercise can help with mental health. Through weekly Pop Pilates, workshops and training days we teach how to cope with anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, body confidence and self-love, giving people the friendly environment and key scientific knowledge they need, not just 4 white walls.


What is the #BeFitMentally scheme?

The BeFitMentally Scheme provides free classes and workshops for those suffering with their mental health that can’t afford the support. These are carried out using the profits from our classes, workshops and training days, these have been held for the homeless, terminally ill and young people in need of help.

Want to support the BeFitMentally scheme with sponsorship? email aimee@thehappinessbootcamp.com


Aimee Browes: Founder/Director


Hey! My name is Aimee Browes, I’m a 20 year old Sheffield girl and Hallam Psychology student who is striving the change the way we look at mental health and fitness. I started The Happiness Bootcamp due to suffering from severe anxiety disorder from the age of 10. After being faced with year old waiting lists and through medication at such a young age I ended up quitting school and feeling worthless. After may years in therapies I set myself back up, started university from my lowest point and decided enough was enough. I set The Happiness Bootcamp up to educate people on mental wellbeing as I never want anyone to feel alone. To me being successful isn’t about making a million pounds, it is making a million people realise their life is worth living.

Social media: @aimeebrowes

Laura Gray: Director


Laura Gray is a self employed illastrater and designer who goes by the name of doddleMonkey. Laura has worked with high profile companies to create incredible and positive designs. Laura was the first person to attend one of Aimee’s class and knew she wanted to join the mission of change. Laura became a director of The Happiness Bootcamp C.I.C. in August 2018.