Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, and sadly they are faced with waiting lists and not the immediate help they deserve.

The Happiness Bootcamp is using fitness to teach people the reasons behind why they feel the way they do and gives people a community of others going through similar experiences. It provides a life line and the help people deserve.
The Happiness Bootcamp uses fitness to release endorphins and teach just how much exercise can help with mental health. Through weekly Pop Pilates, workshops and training days I teach how to cope with anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, body confidence and self-love, giving people the friendly environment and key scientific knowledge they need, not just 4 white walls.
The Happiness Bootcamp teaches not only how to cope with mental health but also teaches schools and business, how to cope with stress and signs to look out for in colleagues, students, friends and family.

The Happiness Bootcamp has been seen on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Newsbeat, The Tab, The Sun, The Telegraph, led talks at the Women in Leadership Conference 2018, a finalist for Enterprise Nation’s Student Start Up of The Year 2018, as well as running a class at this years BE:FIT London Festival 2018.

Together we are stronger. Together we are more than just our diagnosis


My name is Aimee Browes, I am a 19 year old, first year Psychology student at Sheffield Hallam University. I began The Happiness Bootcamp during my lowest years. I have always suffered with my mental health, having my first panic attacks at the age of 10. I spent many years in and out of NHS services and was diagnosed with Severe Anxiety Disorder. Between year 11 and my first year of sixth form I began dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, I was following online popular diet plans, overexercsing and creating an unhealthy relationship with food. I dropped down to 6 stone and became so exhausted that I quit Alevels 5 months in because I couldn’t handle the stress.

For a few months after leaving I spent days on end in bed because I could barely move, i was exhausted and there was no help being offered to me other than a 9 months waiting list and a few classes focusing on adult issues. I had teacher’s telling me i would never do anything because of quitting. I didn’t see the point in doing anything as if I’m honest I didn’t see myself living in the future.
Over time I began my journey to recovery, I did my Level 2 Fitness Instructor award and learnt how food is not a phobia and how to exercise correctly and during this time I went to study Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science BTEC Extended Diploma. If I’m honest I thought I was going to hate it, I thought it was just going to prove to myself that I wasn’t worth anything, but in fact it did the opposite. I absolutely adored my time studying Sport Science, I found how to write, how exercise worked, how nutrition should be and most importantly I had tutors who believed in me. By my 2nd year I began Pop Pilates and decided to give applying to university a try, I didn’t think I’d get in but I suddenly believed in myself, and suddenly had an idea.
During my recovery there was nothing offered for teenagers or young adults that aren’t at the height of their career. There are insane waiting lists for people who NEED help now, there’s nothing. I began teaching about my experience with anxiety at a young age and before i knew it hundreds of people were turning up to hear me speak. I was overwhelmed and knew this was my calling.
After getting into university with scholarships, i set The Happiness Bootcamp up as a real business, a real place for people like me. I am forever grateful for all the support i get and i know together we can change the way we look at mental health.