Top 5 tips for Disneyland Paris

So you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris? First HOW EXCITING, you are about to enter the most magical place on earth and honestly my favourite place in the world. But it can be daunting, this is a trip like no other, so making it as special as you can is important. So I decided to give you my most favourite tips I’ve used on my trips to Disneyland Paris!

1. How to get the PERFECT castle picture

As soon as you head down Main Street you can’t miss the most beautiful castle ever. So obviously you’ll want to get that perfect photo too, but most people take their photos straight in front or on the bridge. BUT if you head slightly to the left of the castle by the entrance to the dragon under the castle, you can get that perfect picture with nobody in it!

2. USE your early magic time for the big rides!

Early magic time (or EMT) are for Disneyland Hotel guests to get into the parks early, before general guests can enter. IT IS WORTH IT. Personally I prefer to go to the Studio park before the Disney park as during this time you can usually get on the big rides like Cushers Coaster, Tower of Terror, RC Racer etc with little to no wait time. In November, we went on ToT 3 times in a row without queueing during our EMT! OR if you choose to head to the main park, then use this time to get into the queue for character meets!

3. Use apps to make your experience the best

Before heading to DLP make sure to have downloaded the best apps to help you get the most out of your trip! I wrote about my top apps to have before going you can read it here.

4. Head into the Disneyland Hotel to visit Cafe Fantasia

You don’t have to be a guest to visit the most magical hotel on the planet. Head inside and up the main stairs to visit cafe Fantasia for a hot chocolate! It’s beautiful and you can even ask to go on to the balcony and take the most beautiful photos!

5. Getting the best spot for the Fireworks

If you’re not ready to queue for an hour or so before the illuminations start on a night to get front row view of the fireworks, then head to the right of the castle towards Discoveryland you can get a really good side/front view if you stand back and you can even sit on the railing and have nobody near you!

This was taken as I was sat on the railings at the back!

What’s your favourite tip for Disneyland Paris?

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