The Apps you NEED before going to Disneyland Paris

When heading to Disneyland Paris you want to make it as magical as possible, so over my last few trips I’ve found my favourite apps that are a MUST if you’re visiting to make your trip as easy as possible!

1. MagiPark

This app is usually pretty accurate for all of the wait times for rides. It allows you to see which rides are broken down, if they have a busy wait line and you can even add your favourite rides to the home page. I LOVE this app, it’s a MUST!

Download it here:

2. Lineberty

This app is the only way you can really meet most of the main characters such as Mickey and Minnie. You HAVE to be on the app first thing and be quick as time slots go VERY fast. The characters go on the app for time slots around 9.45am (check for yourself when you are there) but I’d recommend being on there for 9.30am and use your own data as the park WiFi isn’t always great! Once you get your digital ticket, you’ll receive a time to go back and meet the characters! It can be a pain but if you want to see Mickey this is a great chance.

Download it here:

3. Disneyland Paris App

This is the official DLP app and shows you all of the parade times, opening times, ride waits etc and is super helpful if you don’t have a map and want it digital! It has a digital map and all the events and happenings of the day, so you can keep up to date on everything happening!

Download it here:

4. Photopass App

If you have the Disney Photopass (you can purchase this separately if you want to pay a one off fee to get all of your character photos and ride photos to keep) this app allows you to see all of your photos as they’re put on and save them directly to your phone so you can upload them. I loved this as I could see all my photos while still on my trip!

Download it here:

What are you favourite apps to use in the parks?

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