I’ve always lived in Sheffield but when it comes to eating out Sheffield city centre doesn’t have much of an array of choices, mostly Wetherspoons’s and Italians. So when I heard Turtle Bay was opening up in the centre I couldn’t have been more excited to attend the launch party AND bring a new theme to Sheffield.

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean Jamaican restaurant seating a massive 172 people, the quirky and colourful bar and restaurant aims to bring the Caribbean life straight to Sheffield, through its perfect blend of shack-style interiors, fresh flavours, and friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Turtle Bay has a great collection of dishes for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diners as well as an incredible 40 different rums to try during their happy hour where ALL cocktails are 2 for 1!

From the moment I saw Turtle Bay, located next to the city hall, it could not have been any more different from the run down restaurants lining the city centre. The vibrant colours, modern signing and excited bustling queues got me way too excited. I wasn’t let down when I entered the restaurant, it felt like being flown to the Caribbean. A reggae band was playing, the smell of BBQ and spices and the most colourful drinks and décor surround the building.

We decided to have a look around upstairs and the gorgeous sunset walls and paintings only make you feel like you’re in the sunshine right in Sheffield. We were treated to cocktails on the free bar, which all tasted absolutely incredible.

After meeting up with the other bloggers, dancing around to the coolest band and stuffing our faces with BBQ ribs, fritters and cocktails, we decided this is what Sheffield needs. A restaurant that brings happiness, gorgeous foods and a whole new light to show what a vibrant city this is.

I cant wait to see how much success Turtle Bay will have here in Sheffield. If you are looking for a fun, exciting and amazing place to eat right in the heart of the city, turtle bay is NOT to be missed.

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