Why loose tea is more than just diet culture

If there’s one thing I love in this world it’s flavoured tea.

I know so many people aren’t quite sure on them or have no idea how to use them but for me they’ve helped me so much. In a world where some loose teas are used to promote diet culture (yes, they are literally just laxatives) I wanted to show some of their true benefits.

I began using loose tea during my insomnia periods as Camomile has calming effects. At first I was skeptical but quickly realised it helped my anxiety massively, so I decided to invest and research more into them.

Over the last year I’ve tried many brands and flavours but narrowed it down to my favourite 3.

1. Sleep Tight by T2

I first discovered this tea just before my boyfriend and I moved in together, I was extremely stressed and lacking sleep. I wanted to try something that would help me sleep and calm down on an evening. This has now become a staple in my evening routine.

This loose tea is a lemon balm Tisane that is sweet in flavour and made from lemon balm, lavender, jasmine blossoms and rose petals. It’s honestly a life saver on an evening.

T2: Retails at £8.50 for 50g www.t2tea.com

2. Rose congou Tea by Jameson’s cafe and tea rooms.

I don’t drink caffeine very often as it makes my anxiety sky rocket. So when I recently found this I was over the moon. This beautiful blend of loose tea uses black tea and rose petals, an uplifting blend without the intense caffeine.

This loose tea is beautiful to uplift you and empower your mind when you most need it without the effects of caffeine. Plus if you get the chance to nip into Jameson’s I highly recommend it!

Jameson’s: retails at around £3 for 50g at www.jamesonstearooms.co.uk

3. Apple Crumble by T2

Yes this is a real thing. When I’m trying to eat a little healthier and have less snacks on an evening where I completely boredom eat, I love this tea. This Tisane literally tastes like home baked cooking with apple and cinnamon, I love it. It does contain nuts so not ideal if you’re allergic but honestly it’s crazy what types of tea you can get!

T2: retails at £7.50 for 100G www.t2tea.com


I massively prefer loose tea to tea bags, I love making them, the taste is better and they look cute in little boxes. To brew mine I use a little sliver tube I got from T2 to scoop out some of the loose tea from the packets and add hot water to my cup and let it sit for a few minutes! It’s literally as simple as that!

Have you tried any loose tea?

Much love x

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