My self care 2018 goals

It’s February 2018 and left right and centre I’m seeing New Years resolutions being broken. Talks of loosing weight and making this year monumental, which is all well and good but we see the same goals set every year and lets be honest we all break them.

Setting yourself a large goal is great but means you’re more likely to give up quicker as you don’t see the result you want. Instead, this year set yourself smaller in between goals. If you want to lose weight, set yourself more suitable goals, such as do 10,000 steps and get more active. I like to do 10,000 steps using my Fitbit tracker and challenge my mum to contests to keep me moving.

By doing smaller goals you’ll reach your larger one but be able to celebrate without getting yourself down about not reaching your biggest goal within a small amount of time!

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself to self care and challenging goals, so I thought I’d share them.

1. Actually stick to a skincare routine

I have a bathroom cupboard full of every skincare product you could possibly need, but I’m rubbish at using them. This year I’m aiming to use my The Body Shop facial wash, cleanser and moisturiser at least 4 times a week. My skin breaks out because of working out and stress and this year I want to tackle that. I want to make sure I care for my skin! I’ve been using The Body Shop Aloe range for a few months and I adore it. I previously used the Clinique 3 step, however it became slightly harsh and too much on my skin. The Aloe range is amazing at cooling and calming my skin, especially my redness and spots.

Shop The Body Shop Aloe Viera Range: THE BODY SHOP ALOE RANGE

2. Speak and see positivity

My anxiety and mental health constantly creeps up on me when something bad happens. Over the last few years I’ve began being able to put aside negative comments and see things in a better light. This year I want to focus much more on the positive side of things. Working in events I always know it can go two ways, sometimes 50 people will turn up and sometimes nobody will and that’s something I have to remember is okay. I have to always remind myself that just because something not great happened does not mean something amazing isn’t just about to happen. I want to swap my negative thoughts for positive ones and smile more!

3. Do things I love

Being someone who goes from work, to uni, to running classes, to creating events, I don’t get much time to do things I want to do. Recently I realised this and decided to drop my hours at my part time job, just to give myself time. Time to go outside and walk, put my phone down and enjoy the world we live in. I want to take at least a day a week and just walk, go to a local park, take photos, enjoy a hot chocolate in a new place, I want to make time to enjoy the little things.

4. New Pjs

Now this one is a little different, so don’t judge me. I am one of those people who have the same pair of Pjs for like 3 years. But I have SO many pairs of old pjs I just cant bring myself to get rid of them! This year I want to try and buy 1 new pair each month. There’s nothing nicer than buying a new pair and putting them on before bed, its the height of a great evening. Lets be honest here, we are all suckers for some cozy pjs.

For me this year is about focusing on myself, who I am and doing things that I adore doing. Throughout this year I want to learn to see more positively and also see myself in a better light.

I hope this helps put into perspective that your goals don’t have to be just physical ones but also things you want to improve in yourself!

I hope you all have a lovely year.

Best Wishes,

Aimee x

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