My Wanted Luxury Items List 2018

Recently after watching one two many Lydia Millen Videos, I’ve began to gain a love for Luxury. Now as a student this probably is not the best new hobby for me to have, but you know it could be worse!

I work a part time job on top of being a student and running The Happiness Bootcamp, so this year I’ve decided is my year of two things, saving and treating myself. (Hell yeah I can do both).

There is something about luxury shops that feels so personal, from the attentive store assistants right down to the gift wrapped bag you carry out. I’ve always been someone that has never really bothered about a designer name due to the price but at the moment I guess I just think, why not treat myself? Why does it make any difference to what others think about what I spend my hard earned money on?

So, earlier this year I created my top 5 Luxury Items I want to purchase in 2018…

  1. Molton Brown Hand Wash and Hand Cream

So I guess I’m starting a little weird here, I know. But for anyone that hasn’t heard of Molton Brown, they are a Luxury bath, body and beauty store. Founded in London in 1973, they are usually found within five-star hotels and high-end department stores across the World. Lets just say they have really amazing smelling products. For me, I have always been attracted to their hand washes and hand creams, they look elegant, expensive and stylish and I love them. Since moving into my first home I’ve been craving those colourful little pots to be next to my sink. For the two items they start at around £38 for them both, which to me is money well spent! (I mean come on who doesn’t want their hands to smell like RockRose and Pine).

Shop my favourite’s here: Molton Brown Hand Wash

2. A Jo Malone Candle

Its a bloggers favourite, in every stylish Instagram worthy house out there and lets be fair I really want one. For the first time recently I stepped into a Jo Malone store and was greeted by the instant smell of fruit and floral amazement, all while surrounded by outstanding décor, I knew I belonged here. To my partners utter excitement I spent hours smelling all the different fragrances, while shoving the sticks up his nose each time I decided on a new favourite. On a serious note, the candles look elegant, smell amazing and last for absolutely ages. It has become my new want alongside my little growing collection (maybe with a perfume too…) Prices for the candles start at around £45.

Shop my favourites here: Jo Malone Candles

3. Ted Baker Purse

I recently purchased a Ted Baker Bag and absolutely adore it, the material is easy to clean, the quality is high and the finish is just beautiful. When I went in store to check out the matching purses, I was even more in love. The purses are elegant, simple and give a classy statement to any look. They come in a range of sizes from quite small compartments to larger statement looks. For me, I’m still debating between the colours pink and black! The purses range from £30-£109.

Shop my favourites here: Ted Baker Purses

4. A Michael Kors Bag

I’ve always been in two minds about Michael Kors, I guess I’ve always seen it as a classic brand so many people grew out of. This was until I saw their new bag collection, oh my gosh. Every bag is created with such amazing detail and to such high quality. I adore the selection of colours, designs and know it’d be a bag that would go with everything and complete any look. The bags range from £105-£2,085.00.

Shop my favourites: Michael Kors Bags

5. Christian Louboutin Heels

Last but not least, my all time want. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted a red heel. For me, it symbolises the height of luxury fashion and there’s nothing I want more. For me, the idea of going into the louboutin store and leaving with that red heel is the ultimate purchase. I’ve always been in two minds of purchasing the shoe in the London store or heading to Paris for a trip and purchasing in the flagship store, which would be an absolute dream. Since this shoe is by all means not cheap, its more of an investment and may just have to wait another year for it. I mean who wouldn’t want to make a purchase in the flagship store! Prices range from £435-£1,995.

Shop my favourites here: Christian Louboutin Heels

Even though some of these products may not seem luxury to some, these are my top 5 I want to save for this year. Over time I hope to save more and increase my collection with each year that comes!

Let me know what you want to buy this year!

All my love

Aimee x

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