Have B-ON1 cured a hangover?

We’ve all been there, the dreaded Sunday morning. Last night you deemed it an absolutely great idea to neck as many Jager bombs as you could get off that cocktail girl, but this morning you’ve realised that wasn’t such a bright idea. You’ve woken up, head pounding, throat aching, and well, lets not talk about the other things that come from a tad too much drinking.

We’ve all done it the “I’m not drinking ever again!”. So what if there was something that could actually help prevent a hangover? Now I’m not talking about no hangover after 8 pints, half a bottle of vodka and 2 for 1 shots because that would be a miracle. This is more if you’ve had a few glasses of wine or a few pints at a meal or festival and want to feel fresher in the morning.

B On 1 Patches support the body’s natural ability to process alcohol consumed. It works in harmony with your body’s defence system by providing it with Vitamin B1. This is a vital vitamin that helps aid your body to be able to cope with alcohol consumption. You simply apply the small patch onto your arm (or anywhere that’s not too hairy!) 30 minutes or so before you intend to drink. The patch contains 75 milligrams of Thiamin, (Vitamin B1). You then leave it on for the next 24 hours allowing the Vitamin B1 to be released into the bloodstream through the skin! This therefore helps you feel as fresh as a daisy the next day!

When I first received this I was a little sceptical, I don’t drink much so when I have a few glasses on wine I DEFINEITLY feel it the next day. So I decided to put this to the test.

On Thursday and Sunday I had planned a few nights out with both the universities wine society and for the Harry Potter quiz. Now I don’t really drink a lot on a daily basis so knew I had to give the patches a go since I was planning on drinking more than I usually do.

Before each event I undid the patch and placed it on my upper arm. It was super simple to open and stick on, it was like sticking a sticker on your arm! You can see the patch on your arm and it isn’t see through which is probably the biggest down fall of the patch. However you can stick it anywhere on your body so if you don’t have sleeves you can simply stick it on your thigh (as I did for the Harry Potter quiz). The patch is a square white fabric that does stay on all night, which is super helpful when you’re hot and sticky.

Throughout the events I was drinking (sprits and wine, I was going all out) and was feeling fine. For some reason I actually found it took me longer to become “tipsy” than it usually does, it doesn’t take me long to be out of it but this was super weird. I don’t know if this was an affect of the patch or from different alcohol but it was pretty cool.

I got into bed and headed off to sleep quite excited to see if the patches worked. In the morning I usually feel like shit, headaches, dizzy and want to puke everywhere. However, I didn’t wake up with ANY of those symptoms?

I was exhausted and tired still but was able to get up fine and head off for a 9am-6pm at University on a Monday morning. Now I’m not saying it cures everyone’s hangovers but it seriously helped mine. I felt absolutely fine!

I was and still am so shocked and confused that this little patch before alcohol actually helped me feel fine. It helped rebalance my vitamins throughout my sleep and woke me up without all the nasty symptoms!

I’m super interested in also using this product when I have flu or feel poorly, I want to know if maybe it could also help with that!

But overall, this is SO worth purchasing, I genuinely believe this helped me SO much (I’m not paid to say this!!)

Go check out the Patches here: https://b-on-1.com

And check out the friendly, amazing and Yorkshire based company (who I love!) here! http://instagram.com/b_on_1

Much love x

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