Have I found my new go to eye palette?

Makeup is my weakness, I seem to nip into superdrug for a pack of wipes and come out with shopping bags full of makeup. I mean who can blame me?

When it comes to beauty reviews I like to really test a product for a few months before deciding if its a one night stand or a long loving relationship with a product. Theres one company that I know will never let me down, GOSH. From previously working for superdrug I know this brand really are setting the pace in drugstore beauty. GOSH are cruelty free and create spectacular colours and products that easily sends any makeup lover crazy.

Back in July GOSH sent me a few products to have a little play with and instantly I was drawn to the the nine shades to party in London eyeshadow pallete. The sleek and stylish black packaging makes this product easy to fit in any handhang but also makes it look like a serious high end contender.

The packaging reminds me of something Marc Jacobs beauty would bring out for triple the price, its honestly beautiful. The awe of this product didnt end when I opened it up. Inside is nine matte, shimmery and metallic shades that can be mixed and blended to create any look. The eyeshadows are quite a large size for a product that is quite small so I was instantly impressed.

Now im the kind of girl that uses about five different palette just to get the eye colour I want, but with this theres no need too. Some products look good but when swathed or used seriously let it down, but this doesnt at all. The product comes off the pallete so easily but doenst leave you with all the little powder bits. It clings easily to the eyelid and leaves a really prominent colour from one touch. The texture of the shadows are so blendable and easy to glide on, it has to be one of my most favourite eye palette.

The palette is perfume and paraben free, helping to really care for the skin and not add anything that isnt needed.

Overall, GOSH have out done themselves once again and created a must have for any beauty lover.

Buy now at Superdrug.com (£11.99)

Much love,

Aimee x

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