How I’m dealing with Starting University

Just saying “oh I start University next week” sounds absolutely insane to me. A few years ago I decided to have a gap year to qualify as a Fitness Instructor and take some time to sort my mental health, therefore I’m a year or so behind my age for university. I went back to college after leaving Alevels achieved a D*D*D* grade for a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science, applied for University, got an unconditional offer to study Psychology and here I am. About to begin.

Not only does it feel so overwhelming knowing against all the odds I’m actually GOING to university but it also feels exciting. I feel like I’m feeling a million and one different emotions and mentally I’m up and down so I wanted to try and write how I’m dealing with this. For anyone just starting, hello! welcome I’m pooing myself too!

So here’s my 5 ways i’m dealing with the “oh shit I’m starting uni” thought.

  1. Change the thought to “HELL YEAH I DID IT!”

Just getting into university should be seen as a serious achievement! instead of dreading it be so proud of yourself that you’ve made it this far. When I got my confirmed acceptance I was absolutely over the moon, I just kept thinking how I proved that I deserved that bloody place! Think positive that you’re going!

2. Plan, prepare and organise!

Right from being accepted I’ve been preparing myself! Even though I am staying in the same city I have moved out into an apartment with my boyfriend. One way I’ve began preparing myself is by revisiting the university to have another look around to get my bearings a little more. I know that on the first day it’ll be so hectic and will make me panic more not knowing where I am or where to go. Most universities will be more than happy to give you a little extra tour around to really give you a step forward!

I also emailed the tutors to ask for a book list, this has allowed me to sorta get a head start. I find Psychology so interesting so extra reading has never bothered me! Uni books are super expensive so check Ebay for second hand ones!


You can join Facebook groups and campus society groups of people in your halls, class or even tutor groups! This has helped me so much as I’m able to chat and connect with people that are going to be in my class and are in the same position as I am. This has allowed me to plan to meet others on the day so I wont have to go in alone. I fully recommend doing this, there is nothing scarier than walking in by yourself, so find your group!! It’ll also help begin your uni friendships!


When it comes to an event that scares me I like to think of something positive related to it. For me, shopping for new pens, folders and notebooks gives me some joy. On days I feel nervous I take myself to go get something useful for university, not only does this make me feel organised but it also channels the pressure into something fun and positive. Now this doesnt need to be expensive at all, Poundland has some incredible ranges this year that look stylish and sleek. This doesnt even need to be stationary it could be pans, clothes, a new bag, get creative.


There has never been a you at university yet, there’s no competition or level you HAVE to beat. Go into univeristy knowing you’re studying something you’re passionate about and show this. Go in confident knowing no matter what you’re gonna do your best and that in itself is enough. If you believe in yourself and know you can do it, you’ll smash through it.

Finally, I wish you all the best in your new adventure.

You’ll do great!!

Much love,

Aimee x


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