How The Body Shop helped my Insomina

I’ve always been the person who prefers mornings to nights. I can never turn off and just relax, I’m always thinking, always wanting to do something. So when it comes to sleeping it feels like an inevitable dark hole. The second my head touches the pillow a million thoughts, ideas and pure anxiety hit me like a wave of nightmares. I’ll toss and turn, get up and down, cry and just lose so much sleep. It sort of feels like a fear of sleep, that my own body just doesn’t want to rest. My insomnia is directly linked with my anxiety, and some days this may not happen, I may just fall asleep, but not every night.

The Body Shop Leeds event ft little me

Recently I went to The Body Shop spa event, hosted by Em Sheldon. One thing I noticed on the night was their Spa Of The World™ French Lavender Massage Oil (See here). Now I’ve never been into essential oils or smelly things, I mean I’ve literally only just bought my first candle. I picked it up and gave it a smell and was instantly drawn in by the strong but comforting smell of lavender. I started to think about how so many people swear by lavender for sleep and thought, well why not give it ago?

We purchased the French Lavender massage oil along with the turtle massager, and headed home. That night my boyfriend helped massage in some of the oil into my back using the turtle massager (i’ll explain how to use this in a moment!) as well as spreading some out on my pillow. Usually after a long stressful day I struggle to turn off and sleep but this night I did, no nightmares, no getting up, nothing. In the morning I felt amazing, but put it down to the fact I was tired.

But I didn’t want to give up on the theory that maybe this little bottle of oil helped. So for the next few weeks we kept spraying a little bit on my pillow and a little under my chin, just enough for me to smell. In the last month I’ve had around 2 nightmares/stressful nights, that’s it. From pretty much every single night to 2. TWO.

Now I don’t know if this is because I want to believe its working and helping me sleep or if the incredible lavender scent and calming abilities of this little bottle is actually helping my insomnia. I don’t usually rave about products but if you’re struggling with sleep TRY THIS. I have spent so much money and time on products and nothing has helped me like this has. I feel less stressed, I feel happy and its all down to this little bottle of heaven.

Some nights I will use the massager too so I thought I would explain a little about this. The Indian turtle massager (See here) creates a unique pinching massage when you roll it over the skin. By doing this it helps stimulate blood flow, creating a relaxing but also beneficial massage. Simply add some lavender oil to the skin and roll the massager over the arms, legs and back (you may need some help with this one). You’ll feel it sort of pinch at the skin and pull, it feels like nothing like I’ve ever felt, but I love it!

If you’re struggling sleeping, give this a go, just a little bit of you time on a night. This has definitely made me want to research into essential oils! But thank you The Body Shop for finally giving me something that was helped towards a better me.

Let me know if you have or are going to try this, as well as any essential oils you love!

Much love x

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