Superdrug nail bar, worth it?

Now dont get me wrong I love to be pampered, but I have never had my nails done. Nope, not once. It’s not because of the price or that I don’t like them, I’ve just never bothered. I’ve always seen nail places as an awkward interaction between me and the nail therapist, were I have to small talk about the weather for a good hour. Not quite how I wanna spend my money.

My nails before any treatment
However, on Monday mum and I took a pre birthday trip to Meadowhall and decided to head into Superdrug, being a previous employee of theirs I quickly fell in love with their own brand products. We quickly stumbled across the beauty bar area, which we never really stopped to look at usually. We took a glance at the nail services and within a few moments were approached by a beauty assistant named Gemma. She greeted us with such a smile and explained some of the many treatments. They offer everything from nail polish to gel for a price thats cheaper than a typical nail bar. Within a few minutes I decided to go for it. We went down to the till and paid £18 (£16.20 as I have NUS student discount) for a gel manicure, and then headed back to the nail area. Gemma had set everything up ready and asked me to sit down.

She began by cleaning and preparing my nails with oils and basecoats while talking me through each step. This was so helpful and I wish more therapists did this, not only did it show me how knowledgable she was but also helped me understand what was being used. She then helped me choose a colour without feeling time pressured and let us look at each one. I decided on choosing the Kharki by Orly, a nude brown that I knew would match everything.

Superdrug use the brand ORLY, an LA company who dont use nasty chemicals such as DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene and Camphor in their products. They are also vegan friendly and cruelty free, according to their website.

Throughout the treatment, I enjoyed every minute. We chatted away while I learnt all about the nail treatments and how to care for my nails and why each coat was important, it was a seriously lovey hour. I’d have happily sat for longer!

Once my nails were done, Gemma made them shine and showed me aftercare products (CUTICAL OIL IS AMAZING). We then discussed how to remove them and that they should last around two/three weeks without chipping.

So what did I think? For a retail high street store my nails look like they cost A LOT more. They feel and look so professional and I couldnt be happier with them. I would recommend this so much to anyone who loves getting them done or wants to try somthing different. I’m really impressed with superdrug stepping up their game.

Thankyou to the wonderful Gemma also for really showing her passion in her work, you were amazing.

Much love x

1 MONTH UPDATE: so I wrote this post around the 1st August, its now the end of August. I was so impressed with both Gemma and the fact the nails DID last around 2/3 weeks that I recently went back. My nails look healthier, longer and have never shined so much, I feel more confident with my nails than ever! I now have the shade coffee break and have booked in my next appointment for September! ITS SO WORTH IT.

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