Chai Ki And The Cake App

My boyfriend and I love travelling to new cities and trying new food but we always run into the same issues, which restaurants are nice? How do we split the bill with friends without the awkward calculator situation? How can we put money aside before we set off for food?

When I heard about the Cake app I was so excited that FINALLY something could help with these situations. The cake app makes it easier to enjoy some of London’s amazing bars and restaurants all through an app. The app allows you to find and book a selection of restaurants around London, while also giving you the option to split the bill easily with friends through the app, all while you earn credit back from your bill! Its like a thank you for enjoying yourself!

When visiting London for my birthday my boyfriend and I decided to put the app to the test when visiting an area we had never been before. As we were staying near Canary Wharf we chose a restaurant called Chai Ki, a restaurant and toddy shop that offers a twist on Indian food.
Using the apps map on the night, we quickly hoped off the tube and headed towards the centre of Canary Wharf to find Chai Ki. The restaurant is located on the river side within a busy but classy area full of a range of different restaurants. The moment we arrived the elegant warm red and gold colours mixed with the black backdrops invited us in. We were quickly welcomed by a member of staff who led us to our table even though we were half an hour early. We decided to eat in the restaurant rather than the toddy shop as we love an excuse to dress up a little more!

I sat down, opened up the cake app and it gave me the option to then open a tab. I did so, receiving a small numbered code of my tab and was able then to give this to the waitress. We were then given the menu but were a little confused on the areas of food and how it worked as it wasn’t based on the simple starter, main and desserts. A well dressed and knowledgeable gentleman came over and explained to Adam and I exactly how the dishes are served and even recommended some of his favourite’s, which we were highly grateful for. We decided to take his recommendations and go for the Salmon Moilee and the Nizmi Murgh.

When the food arrived it was nothing like we had experienced before, we expected a simple dish yet was given large plates full of colour and an array of different ingredients all presented to us in beautiful dishes. We decided to eat half a large dish and then swap so we both got to try something different. I first tried the Salmon Moilee it fell apart as soon as my fork touched it, showing a beautiful pink colour. The moment it touched my lips the authentic Indian flavours of both the salmon, sauce and beetroot together made the perfect match. This is easily one of the most incredible dish I have ever tasted.

I then swapped with my boyfriend and tried the Nizami Murgh. I’m not always a fan of chicken but mixed with the stuffing it gave it another level. I wasn’t as sure on the flavours of the chicken as I prefer something with more sauce when it comes to Indian food, rather than a smaller dish. However, my boyfriend absolutely adored this dish and finished it without any hesitation.

We then moved onto dessert, deciding on a Malai cheesecake and custard tart. Again, these did not disappoint. Served to us on beautiful plates with the elegant touch of edible flowers they looked and tasted divine. As I had the cheesecake it really helped to refresh me after the spices of the mains yet still felt like a dessert.

Once we finished (and were extremely full!) we asked our lovely waitress Jolanta if we could pay using our cake app. I couldn’t believe how simple it was! I simply went back onto my tab saved on the app, gave her my digit code and my bill appeared on my phone. I was then able to see exactly what we had purchased and then pay straight on my card on my phone! I was sent an email receipt straight away so didn’t have too worry about carrying paper in my purse. This allowed me to leave my table without any hassle and get on with my night!

Overall, the app was incredible, it makes paying on a night out easier and less frustrating; especially when wanting to split with friends. I highly recommend having a look if you live in London or are visiting! I hope in the future it’ll be introduced further a field than the capital city!

I also wanted to thank the incredible Chai Ki, London for having us and we hope to return when in the capital again!

Much love x



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