Moving out with anxiety

As many will know recently I moved out of my family home to live with my boyfriend. Even though I was so excited I was so nervous the entire time. Now it wasn’t because of living with my boyfriend because he makes me so happy, it was because of my anxiety. Being in a new situation that is stressful makes me incredibly poorly. 

Within the 9 months of knowing we were moving in we only visited our apartment once. This sorta scared me as within a few months I had totally forgot what any of the place looked like, making it feel even more difficult. I didn’t know the area well, had never paid a bill before and was moving away from my constant family support. In all honesty it was bloody scary. Having anxiety on top of all that didn’t help much.

So how did I deal with it?

I drew, listed and searched for furniture and house items, noting prices and sales helped me organise what I wanted and how much it’d cost me. I did the same with bills, organised prices, researched how much I should also be paying etc. I did everything from an early stage and collected items from day one. By not leaving it till the last minute it helped massively, because I didn’t feel rushed and could constantly think about everything slowly. Organisation and planning helped me massively with handling panic.

When we finally moved in that’s kinda when my anxiety got worse, a new area, new job, new home. I was being thrown into something I didnt even know, in a place I didnt know and I wasnt sure how to handle it. At first I didnt handle it well, I shouted, screamed, argued my way though the day and stressed at everything possible. It was bloody hard. But here I am two months on and enjoying it so much. 

All I did was change my mindset, take each day as it comes. Instead of being like “I have so much to do” and letting it build up I did small things each day by making lists. I would list everything that was important to be done and ensured I ticked it all off before bed. For example I would list things such as:

  1. Change bedding
  2. Do the black wash
  3. Tidy pens


  1. Do white wash
  2. Pay bill
  3. Sort papers on desk

Each day I would include two/three things so that I didnt over do it. By adding both things that take a little longer and shorter ones it kinda helped me feel relaxed that I had done something productive.


If you’re moving out soon, be it with a partner, on your own or as a student the only advice I can give you is STAY ORGANISED, PLAN AND BREATHE. No matter how stressful it gets keep doing something you love every day, walk, yoga or eat those cookies. Always destress yourself and remember things will get better no matter how hard they seem. If you want a little more help with anxiety read my previous post on dealing with panic attacks HERE.

Much love x

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