Japanese superfoods

I always love finding new exciting superfoods and ways to add them into my diet, this month I was able to learn more about Japanese superfoods. I’ve never ventured into this countries amazing cuisine until my new Supa box arrived!

The Japanese are seen for their healthy diets with having one of the lowest obesity levels across any country. They also have an incredible average lifespan compared to here in the U.K., due to their natural remedies and ancient theories on health. So obviously I was super excited to incorporate some of their diet into my own!

Supa provide a box sent straight to your home full of nutritious spices, herbs, powders and ingredients all to be used when creating incredible new recipes. Each month is a new theme from a new country to keep you learning and using new products from around the world, this month is Japan. So you’re probably thinking, where the heck do I start with all these new ingredients? Well let me tell you.

In each box, Supa provide a recipe book explaining each item, it’s health benefits and how to use it within a recipe. This has allowed me to learn new ways to create healthy and beneficial foods!

One of the ingredients this month is cherry blossoms. This beautiful and elegant ingredient is high in antioxidants and creates a natural collagen. By adding this into my breakfast it has helped me with tackling my spot breakout! This is something I would never have learnt without Supa!

Again this month the items came in the most beautiful box, which I love collecting and placing on display in my kitchen. 

If you want to learn new ways of adding superfoods that aren’t just spinach and chicken into your diet YOU NEED to try this. 

Check this incredible company out using the following link:
Let me know if you try it out! I would love to see your ideas! Use the hashtag #SupaBox
Much love x

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