Why I decided to quit BBG

For around a year I have used the fitness programme the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) by Kayla Itsines. If you dont know already what this amazing guide is, let me tell you. It uses at home strength and cardio movements such as squats, lunges and push ups to help you slim down and achieve the goals you want without using a gym. The plan uses 4 7 Minute circuits to create a full 28 minute workout. Now dont get me wrong this guide is amazing, its helped me get to a body weight I want while giving me a quick workout while in the middle of coursework. This plan is incredible if you wish to loose weight, but for me thats not what I want anymore.

An example of a day using BBG

For a long time I would check Instagram and see girls with a large following and the figure I wanted saying they used the BBG guide. This intrigued me as they all seemed to have the toned bums and flat abs all from this home workout so obviously I wanted to try it. I would see photos all over of these amazing transformations, which I cant deny are amazing and the girls should be so proud of themsleves. But I couldn’t work out how they had managed this figure from a cardio based workout plan. Now I’m not knocking the BBG plan it is amazing for those starting out and wanting to loose weight, and have little time to spend in the gym. But thats not what I want to achieve. 

My results using BBG only

Now what many accounts dont tell you is that BBG is not the only workout they do. Many if not all of these large accounts with toned figures will be doing a weight based plan in the gym a few times a week also. This is because the muscle they achieve is not possible from a cardio/HIIT based plan with little or no weights. Dont get me wrong you WILL tone up and loose weight but only to a certain degree, hence why I’d only specify it to beginners. To get muscular to a high level you HAVE to be doing weights to a degree, many of these girls dont tell you this, BBG IS NOT THE ONLY THING THEY WILL BE DOING.
This was a huge reason I decided to stop, I wanted to achieve something for once that wasn’t physique based. Ive always exercised for some vanity reasons and I didnt want that, I wanted a new challenge and for me weights and the gym give me that. BBG does become repeative and boring after awhile and I found myself dreading the lunges and push ups within a few weeks, it made me start hating exercising because there wasnt much variety. Whereas at the gym I have a wide choice of exercises, weights, equpiment and classes and can change whenever I feel like it. It also allows me to get out of the house and have time with myself. Exercise should never feel like a chore, and this did.

My results within a matter of weeks in the gym

I didnt write this post to drag down BBG at all it’s amazing and it helped me begin my fitness journey. I wrote this to tell you that if you feel out of your exercise routine, dont be afraid of trying something new because not everything suits everyone. Try something new it could be the best thing you’ve ever done. Since rejoining the gym I have seen results I never thought I would and never would have achieved just from BBG. I have become fitter and healthier and happier, I found my love for exercise again.

Don’t ever feel you have to do something, go ahead and do what you want to do, please don’t fear weights!!!!!

I will leave the link to the BBG guide (https://www.kaylaitsines.com). I will also keep you all updated on my new journey with powerlifting.

If you have any questions do message me on twitter or Instagram @aimeebrowes

Much love x


  1. Thank you for writing this. I love BBG for people who need to find easy and quick workouts at home, but you’re right, the transformation pics all over Instagram are deceiving and don’t tell the entire story.

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  2. Great post, iv been intrigued by the bbg programme by it just looks too good to be true – I have similar views to you, I don’t really want to loose any weight I just want definition and be a bit more muscular. Have you tried the Emily Skye workouts? I think they are more power lifting based and her physique is stunning 🙌🏼
    Danielle x

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  3. Hey, I have just started BBG and intend to supplement the programme with weight based exercises. I just wondered what your weight based exercises would include and whether you still throw in cardio too? , also just curious, did you ever try the BBG stronger programme? X

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    • So I changed the exercises such as normal squats for kettle bell squats and added a weighed bar for step ups! Once I got use to this I then decided to not do BBG at all and just use my own instinct! At the time I would go for a run or walk everywhere as my cardio! I’ve never really had dedicated cardio days, I do HIIT at the end of gym session and make sure to hit my 10,000 steps each day! No I didn’t and I haven’t looked at the plan either but I’m sure it’ll be wonderful! X


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