Skincare for a student budget

If you know me, you’ll know I adore Clinique’s 3 step routine to help combat my oily skin (you can read my post about this here!) However, as a student paying her bills its something that does become difficult to rebuy because of the price. I decided to go on a hunt to find something that is cheaper yet does the same. Now dont get me wrong finding something that equals to Clinique’s skincare was so difficult for me, I struggled finding perfume free at a cheaper price and still havent found something EXACTLY the same. However, my face isnt very sensitive so this wasnt a priority I wanted to find something that aided my oily T zone and prevent me getting spots, and thats what I got. I’m constantly in the gym and get a lot of excess oil that leads to breakouts so I wanted quick and simple.

While in Superdrug I came across a Nivea range for oily to combination skin that i havent noticed before. Each of the products were also down over half price from £3.99 to around £1.75 each! Which made me drawn to give it a go. I collected the purifying cleansing gel, purifying toner and the oil free moisturiser and took it home. At first I was slightly worried as i didnt want to have a bad reaction or breakout and as it is a cheaper product it did panic me. 

I started by wetting my face and rubbing in some of the purifying cleansing gel. The gel has a scrub that includes ocean algae that deeply cleanses pores to remove oil and prevent impurities, which helps massively with preventing spots. It feels amazing, you can quite literally feel it bringing the dirt out of my pores and being cleansed away. It also smells really fresh, which suprised me because a lot of cheaper products can smell like plastic but this doesnt at all. A huge bonus is also how big the bottle is for the price at ML it’s incredible compared to the price of my flash wash from Clinique.

Step one: The Purifying gel

The second stage is the purifying toner, this again uses ocean algae and hydra IQ to help tone and purify the skin and remove excess oil. I simply add a little bit of the toner onto a cotton pad and swipe it across my most oily areas on my TZone. You really dont need a lot of this as it is drying on the face so too much would defiantly dry you out. But as a dupe for the Clinique it really does match up, you dont need a lot yet it does prevent the oil that appears by mid day on my face, so im very impressed.

Step two: The Purifying toner

The final stage of the routine is the oil free moisturiser, this helps regulate the oil to help reduce the shine on the complexion. It does this by hydrating the skin without blocking the pores using ocean algae. I’m so funny with what moisturiser I use as i hate anything that feels heavy and thick yet dont like anything that feels too light and does nothing. This one is amazing, it feels like it hydrates my skin and has a lovely consistency when it is applied. Yet it hasn’t made my skin feel wet and oily afterwards which is amazing.

Step three: The oil free moisturiser

After just a few days using this twice a day i havent had any breakouts or excess oil and have got the same results when using my Clinique which has amazed me. Obviously the only down side is that I dont think it is fragrance free, so if you feel you need something stronger for acne or a lot of oil do try the Clinique set. However, if you are looking for something that is cheaper and will help smaller breakouts and oil prevention I couldn’t recommend this more, it is honestly incredible, and as a student will help me massively. 

I hope this can help anybody looking for cheaper skin care.

Much love x


  1. I’m always on the lookout for new skincare to try so this post was super helpful. At the moment I’ve let my routine slide a bit but this range looks like it’s worth a try, I’ve not seen it before either but judging by your feedback it’s amazing! I like that you gave a detailed review of each item and that it’s well priced – I’m a student too so I can relate to the struggle! Thanks for sharing x

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    • You’ll absolutely love this! It comes in different skin types too for you to test and try, its so worth buying!! It’s helped my spots massively and my skin! Thankyou so much for the lovely comment! X


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