Flannels Meadowhall opening event 

On Thursday 25th may 2017, the highly anticipated Flannels store was opened in Meadowhall for a select amount of people and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

For those who haven’t heard of Flannels, it is a chain of high end designer stores in the United Kingdom specialising in luxury fashion clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women.

I decided to wear an Ark original floral playsuit with an open back and front, paired with new look black wedges. 

Upon arriving the store was vibrant, lined with a black carpet to line up on and a DJ playing an incredible remix. The front of the store was classy and used simple colours to make it stand out in any row of shops. When entering the store we were offered drinks (possibly the BEST raspberry bellini I’ve ever drank!) by smart waiters from the ever beautiful Caffè Rizzoli.  They provided elegant canapés and drinks all while we shopped, which honestly I wish happened every single day I shop!

The store itself is perfect, it’s elegant, well designed and spacious allowing you to observe each designer section easily and freely. Everything is designed to perfection even the changing rooms! 

While there we went around the shop while being helped by some of the nicest shop assistants I’ve ever met. They helped with sizes, items and prices and were so lovely and inviting! They even offered us mini bottles of Moët (which we took home because why not!).

While there they had photobooth, photo walls and a DJ making it such a fun experience all while we shopped!

I purchased 2 Hugo Boss tops for my boyfriend and a Calvin Klein underwear set for myself!

I am so excited to visit Flannels again, it’s such an asset to Meadowhall! Thankyou for such a good evening!

Many thanks x 

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