Are Electric Ink tattoo products worth the money?

Tattoos are a way of creating beautiful stories, meanings and pictures that last forever, so of course you’d want to look after them. For so long I debated getting a tattoo but could never decide what to have, so waited for something that meant something to me. Eventually I got the guts to create something permanent, grabbed my boyfriend, who after having five himself I thought was a good candidate, and did it. Still a few months on I adore it, each symbol has a meaning to me. However, after the healing period its not all over. For me, I got the tattoo to stay beautiful over a life time so of course I want to care for it.

Recently I recieved some products from Electric Ink, a new lifestyle tattoo care company. They create specialist products that are used to help keep your tattoos in the best condition it could be. All their products are made using high quailty ingredients that are all vegan friend (BONUS). The team worked with specialists in both tattoo care and medicine to ensure their products would be suitable and give the best quailty care. 

Just some of the incredible ingredients used are:

  • Liftonin Xpert: Helps to reduce redness and any inflammation of the skin
  • Coconut Oil: To help moisturise the tattoo and keep it from becoming dry
  • Vitamin C: Hels to prevent any sims of UV induced pigmentation and prevent the apperance of ageing.

You can see the full list of amazing ingredients here:

I was lucky enough to be sent the daily moisturiser and the defining body oil, over the last week I have been trying these on both mine and my boyfriends tattoos and here’s my final review.


 The moisturiser comes in the most beautiful box of black and white tattoo designs, instantly catching your eye. In all honesty ive kept it in the box and just take it in and out, its so beautiful. The bottle itself comes as a white sleek and classy looking bottle, with the company and product clearly labelled. Theres something so beautiful about how simple it looks, it clearly shows how much work has gone into the product rather than trying to use a bottle that doesnt really show what it is. 

My baby new tattoo

When using products on my tattoo im super careful, my tattoo is simple outlines so im always worried of anything that could make the lines appear thinner. However, when applying this onto my tattoo I use the smallest amount and it goes so far. It creates a beautifully smooth application and instantly my tattoo feels less dry and looks more vibrant. But what impressed me the most was the incredible smell. So many moisturisers and tattoo products have a slightly plastic smell, but this smells amazing.  The product itself is made up of natural ingredients giving it a tropical, sweet and clean smell that you smell instantly when you try it. It’s honestly beautiful.

Over the last week of using this I have been impressed every day, the product is such high quailty and smells and feels amazing. Every person with a tattoo NEEDS this product, I cant wait to keep using this in my daily routine. 

You can buy this both on the Electric Ink website and from your local Superdrug.

The defining body oil again comes in a beautiful classy black and white box with green writing, making it stand out as soon as you look at it. The product promises to give a glossy layer to your tattoo to help it look as if its only just been inked. My tattoo is only new so I tested this on my boyfriends older ones. His tattoos are a few years old and dont look as dark as they once did, so we applied a small amount of this to them and instantly it looked brand new. The tattoo instantly became vibrant and brought to life as it once looked before it healed. We couldnt believe how much better it looked. 

Before using the defining tattoo oil
After 1 application of the defining body oil

What we loved so much about this again, is the smell the natural ingredients help to give a beautiful aroma rather than a plastic oily smell and feel. It not only makes your tattooo look incredible but also helps to keep it healthy and feeling amazing.

This product is amazing for anyone with a tattoo they want to make look more vibrant or for wanting to use it before going out. It’s easily a must have for your tattoo care collection.

This can be purchased from both the Electric Ink website and Superdrug.
Overall, the products are such high quailty and so worth the money. We will definelty be purchasing in the future.

Much love x

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