GOSH Foundation drops, a summer essential?

Foundations. For me, possibly the biggest struggle during summer to find. Some feel to thick and slide off my face in the sun leaving me with horrific spot breakouts. Some are too thin and make my skin tone look uneven and dont last two minutes on my face (then I look like I’ve drawn around my face with orange pen, not great). This was until I found the holy grail of summer makeup essentials, the GOSH foundation drops.

GOSH Foundation drops in 004 Natural

This little bottle of liquid miracle is the answer to everything. It creates a medium coverage that stays on your face all day but feels so lightweight you barely even know its there. It applies perfectly to match your skin tone yet can be built up to your choice of coverage. One thing I love so much about this product is the use of natural ingredients, i am a firm believer in only putting quality products onto my face as “you only get one face” so look after it. GOSH uses Argan Oil in their drops to help hydrate and soften the skin and give a boost of vitamin E. They also use Antiderm to protect, hydrate and smoote the skin to act as a natural anti inflammatory. This is amazing for me as I suffer badly with redness and breakouts, using this foundation has helped stopped that as it doesnt block my pores and works on keeping my face looking radiant underneath. Not only this but the foundation is perfume and paraben free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians which is a huge bonus.

The foundation bottle itself uses a luxurious pipette to help apply it much simpler. This stops you from using excess foundation and allows you to use as much as you need without wasting any. I use around four to six drops onto my brush depending on the type of coverage I wish to gain. This gives me a flawless finish that allows makeup to glide stright on top. I use the shade 004 natural as for me it matches my skin tone perfectly and can be made darker if needed by bronzer being added on top of it. 

Swatch of 004 Natural

I have tried and tested so many high end foundations but for me this comes as one of the top, its become a go to everyday foundation. It’s affordable, coming in at just £12.99 in Superdrug stores (find this HERE). The brand itself is incredible, its creates high end quailty on the high street.

PACKAGING: 10/10, The bottle itself is beautiful and simple, it’s small enough to be used for travel too which makes it perfect. The pipette also makes it feel and look so much more expensive.

FEEL: 10/10, On your face it feels so lightweight you wouldn’t even believe how good the coverage is, it feels so soft.
PRICE: 9/10, I guess you could argue that it’s not the cheapest on the high street no, but for the amazing quality you get it’s definitely the cheapest I’ve ever found. Easily worth every penny.
APPLICATION AND RESULTS: 10/10, I use the smallest amount on my face and it blends amazingly. It doesn’t make it feel wet or dewy. The results are amazing.
OVERALL: 10/10, for me it’s a winner, you can pick this up on the high street and still get a high end look, what else could you want?
For me reviews need to be honest and I love this product. If you check my makeup bag I assure you its there, I’m obsessed.

I look forward to trying more products by GOSH, until then….

Much love x


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