What exactly is the real world?

In the morning we once would look outside the window to see the new day, now we check our phones to see. We live in the moment through screens rather than through our eyes. Our small world deamed large all because of the things we hold in our hands, yet is this an issue or is this sort of wonderful?

Social media is a place of beauty, perfection, pictures judged to be our lives placed online for everyone to see. Online we portray only the side of us that we wish people to see. Nobody online posts their bad days, the real day to day life they lead. For me, this is the issue with social media. Instagram, snapchat, facebook and twitter are all places we post only what we want people to see, filtered photos, perfect outfits and beautiful coffee. Nobody posts the time their hair wouldnt go right, or when they threw a meal down themsleves, or even when they feel emotional, no filters.

This is something we need to remember. Social media is a section of life, beautiful yes but not always real. It opens incredible opportunites to show off photography, gain awareness and share love for hobbies and interests but throughout this must remain that. A hobby. 

Do not become obsessed by the fake world and ignore that of it around you. Do not begin to judge your world to that of one that does not exist. Do not compare yourself to another. Do not debate your worth due to numbers, followers or likes. Your life, your world is worth so much more.

Enjoy social media, celebrate others, post positive things, but always remeber to come back down.

Take time in your day away from your tiny device and social media. Take a look out of your window and breathe. Breathe in the world that surrounds you, every element of YOUR life, the only life that should concern you. You are so lucky, you are wonderful, intelligent, incredible, healthy, happy and your world is your story to tell. Every person has good and bad days just like you do, step away from someone else’s life and focus on your own.

Perfection only exists in the tiny mistakes and the minimal imperfections you feel, yet they arent this at all. Because there is no life more incredible than your own. So. Please take time to love your life, explore the world, make memories, put your damn phone down for one moment. Live your own life through your eyes, not your screen.

Much love x

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