3 Step Skin Care by Clinique Review

Skin care is everywhere at the moment, there are millions of products to try and test all claming different things. But do they actually work?

For a long time I neglected skin care as I never felt I had the time to do so or never knew what exactly my skin needed. After seeing a friend bring her entire skin care routine with her to Amsterdam (im talking about you Sophia…) I felt like I probably should get my act together here. My skin has never been perfect but isnt horrific, its combination to oily and I do suffer with redness around my cheeks and nose and hormonal outbreaks. I do wear a lot of makeup most days and felt I needed something other than makeup remover to help me. You know you only get one face…

So many people rave about Clinique products for clearing acne and helping your skin look much healthier so I headed down to Boots in Meadowhall to speak to someone at the counter. The lady at the counter (who I. cannot remebers name, I apologise!) was wonderful, she spoke about how Clinique began as a prescribed medical skincare only accessible by a doctor. This then slowly became accessable to the public over time and has since used perfume free ingredients and scientific research to create products that promise to give results. When enquiring about the 3 step routine the lady spoke through their most simple routine and allowed me to test it upon myself. I found I was type 3, oily to combination skin. Therefore this review is based around that routine. Each type of skin has a completely different 3 step routine to follow so please do look into this!

So what exactly is the 3 step routine?

The routine includes 3 different steps to use morning and night to get the best benefits. The first step is a liquid facial soap, used to cleanse the skin without using harmful chemicals. To apply you simply use a pea sized amount and massage into your face unit it begins to lather up. You then wash off using warm water and pat your skin dry.

 Step 2 uses the Clarifying lotion, a gentle exfoliating lotion to help clear the skin and smooth any excess oil. To apply you simple add a few drops to a cotton wool pad and wipe carefully over the face and neck, you really do not need a lot of this as it can dry your skin out! 

The final step is the Beauty award winning dramatically different moisturising gel, this is an oil free moisturiser that gives a hydrating and lightweight feel to your skin, and oh my god it delivers. This moisturiser feels so light on your face it leaves your skin so soft even over spots and blemishes. If I recommend anything from Clinique to you, go out and test the Dramtically Different moisturiser, its the holy grail of skin care.

The full sized products are quite pricey (between £16.50-£30) compared to other high street based skin care routines so I decided not to buy the full sized products at first. Clinique helpfully do a small 1 month trial set of each 3 steps for £20 (purchased from Boots), this includes a 50ml liquid facial soap, 100ml clarifying lotion and a 30ml dramatically different moisturising lotion. This set is said to only last a month if used twice a day, however I have had this for nearly 5 weeks now and I still feel I have enough to last me another month!

So do I believe this has worked?


After using this for just 2 weeks I could see the redness around my cheeks and nose fade dramatically, which made me feel so much more confident when not wearing makeup. Not only this but around my period when I would get most hormonal spot changes I rarely have any outbreaks which has been a huge difference for me, as this did bother me during this time.  I feel my skin looks glowing and natural and I feel so much better when im not wearing any makeup as my skin just looks so clear!

For people who do suffer with oily and acne prone skin I would recommend this highly, its now become the holy grail of my daily routine. 


PACKAGING: 10/10, the bottles are super pretty and look so sleek and classy.

FEEL: 10/10, it feels as light as marshmellows taste.

PRICE: 7/10, it is quite pricey however the large bottles do last around 2-3 years.

APPLICATION: 10/10, It takes me around 5 minutes to do the routine, so application wise it is so easy, quick and simple. 

RESULTS: 10/10, my skin looks clearer and feels amazing.

OVERALL: 10/10, even though the price is a slight negative factor, I feel personally it is worth every penny.

I hope this will be in somewhat useful to anyone looking for a new skin care routine! 

If you have any more questions feel free to message me on my Instagram @aimeebrowes

Much love x


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