Periods vs Exercise: natural healing

You workout so hard all month, eat almost perfectly, you feel great, and then all of a sudden it appears. Your period.

Periods are still in 2017 a taboo subject and im not sure why. Most women will have them and they are a huge part of our lives no matter how much we like it. With this post I wanna get personal with my own experiences as for me this should be spoke about more among all people. It isnt something we should fear speaking about.

Each girl is completely different in how their periods act and how they react to it. For some they wont get any pain but some may not be able to move after each cramp. For some it may only last a few days and some a week. For some it’ll be super light and for some heavy. Each way periods are horrific especially when focusing on training; so how do I deal with this set back?

For me each month can be completely different to another, one month can be so light I can train each day and do cardio and handstands like theres no tomorrow. But some months can be so dreadful that I can barely get off the sofa never mind do burpees. Sometimes this can feel like a huge set back for me when im training and suddenly feel like I could demolish the entire biscuit tin. So what do I do?

I take a damn break. My body is amazing and during this time it is processing and healing and allowing me to understand further the abilities it can do. Therefore if i feel I need to I DONT exercise for a day or so, I may stretch and do a rehab session but I also may sit and binge watch Netflix for an entire day instead of exercising. However, if I feel I can I may just do a home workout, this way im close to a shower, I can change myself after and dont have to worry about leaking in a gym. This helps me to still put maximum effort into the workout without worrying about anyone seeing im clearly bleeding. I will never force myself to exercise if I dont feel like it because what’s the point? One day out isnt gonna reverse your hard work I promise.

It is important to know that yes, exercise does help period cramps but this does not mean you have to blast out an hour long ab and cardio workout. By exercise this can be a gentle walk or light stretching, anything that get you moving, this doesnt have to be difficult! 

You shoud never feel bad about missing a workout during your period, instead respect this time and allow your body to do the miracles it does. Many attempt to over work during this time due to cravings and bloating, but these arent things you should out exercise. A few treats isnt going to throw you off your results so please dont feel during this time you have to force yourself to exercise when you dont want too. This leads on to bloating too, this is your bodies way of coping with your period, this is natural!!! Let your body deal with this for a few days and it’ll go over time, you do not need to do hours of cardio to get rid of this. Give yourself space and time.

Exercise should always be fun and enjoyable and never feel like a chore, you should never feel you have to do exercise when you dont want too. Allow your body to heal naturally, take care of yourself and love your body for what it is and what it does.

Love yourself and your abilities,

Much love x

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