March 2017: My exercise routine (BBG and Blogilates)

Every month is different, different events, different goals. Therefore meaning my exercise routine can change dramatically. Some months I’ll workout every day and some will only be the odd day.

When I first began exercising I would overdo it so much. I would work out for 2/3 hours a day, no rest days. I would do so much I was exhausted. For the past 5 weeks I have stuck religiously to the following exercise plan and it has given me some incredible results. The Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines (see the following link—-> BBG guide) is an exercise guide based on high reps and low exercise moves. This gives you 2 rounds of 4 exercises to complete twice through. These exercises can be everything from burpees, weighted lunges and weighted step ups. Each exercise can be any reps from around 10-30 depending on the week and intensity. The BBG consists of 3 days of strength (which lasts 28 minutes) and then a few days of LISS (cardio) and stretching. 

I currently only do the strength days as I walk everywhere and do Zumba/clubbercise in my spare time as my cardio days. The BBG guide is so simple to follow with illustrated photos, diagrams and how too guides, its even simple enough for complete beginners!

I’ve been following this at 8am Mondays, Tuesdays and wednesday and seen amazing results in my endurance as well as my strength. Each exercise gets easier every time allowing me to see results I didnt even see in the gym. I feel awake, energised and so much more confident in myself. Not only this but its so fast at only 28 minutes, meaning I can get my workout in at home before work/college without having to worry about travelling to the gym or even not having the time.

As at the moment I do this 3 days a week but like to exercise 5 days a week I then use Blogilates (see the following link—>Blogilates YouTube ) to fill in the extra days. CASSEY HO IS AMAZING. This girl is one of my pilates heros. She was the first every YouTube account I followed and the first person to make me want to exercise and do my fitness instructor qualifactions. PopPilates is an incredible workout using pilates, cardio, strength and core exercises to create an intense workout you wont forget. I tend to do one session of PIIT (pilates intense interval training) with a strength exercise video of hers after. This matches to create a fast and intense workout that leaves me aching so much afterwards.

Both Blogilates and Kayla Itsines are both incredible ladies who have inspired me massively in my workout routine. They have both shown me I can get amazing reuslts at home with no gym membership. I couldn’t recommend either of them enough for how amazing they are.

I have set out at the bottom my current routine for this month to help anyone out!

  • Monday: Legs and cardio BBG
  • Tuesday: Arms and Abs BBG
  • Wednesday: Full Body and clubbercise
  • Thursday: Booty and thighs Blogilates and yoga class
  • Friday: cardio, abs and arms/back Blogilates
  • Saturday: rest day (may stretch)
  • Sunday: rest day (may stretch)

I hope this helps some people more in understanding a simple exercise plan. I understand the BBG plan can be expensive to purchase however there are many different alternative plans out there to change this around!

Much love x

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