Are Protein World products really worth the money?

I first bought Protein World back in August 2016 when I saw it advertised at work (Superdrug). I picked up a tub of vanilla Slender Blend not really expecting it to change my whole lifestyle. When I tend to see products that are highly advertised by celebrities and not more real models I tend to be a little “oh dear god here we go again”. However, I was so wrong about this one.

As a fitness instructor I had tried so many different types of protein from Myprotein, USN, Kinetica and never quite found one that settled my stomach being so badly intolerant to them all. I would constantly feel sick and bloated after one shake and would throw it away before I even finished it. So when I purchased Slender Blend I didnt have high hopes.

I began using it as a breakfast replacement mixed with a banana and my god, I couldnt have been more suprised. Not only did it taste and have the same texture as a Yahzoo milkshake, but I didn’t feel one bit of bloating. Up till lunch I felt so full of energy and happy that I was amazed. I had finally found a protein based drink I could use.

I began using it as breakfast for a long period of time until I had finally lost the weight I wanted and began dropping my body fat percentage. I then decided to up my calorie intake ready to begin adding more muscle, I then changed from the 30 day challenge based plan. I began using the shake as a post workout to prevent me from wanting to snack in between meals. It was amazing, evertime I would workout and train after finishing my shake I would feel wide awake and ready to carry on with my day. I wouldnt feel bloated but I felt confident and strong.

So quickly ive seen such incredible results in myself and my body, I feel stronger, I have more energy and I feel so proud of myself. I have stopped weighing myself but now concentrated on seeing my gains in the mirror.

I am more than excited to take this shake and these incredible products with me when I join a new gym and compete in events over summer.

I couldn’t recommend Slender Blend more than I do to anyone, its been a massive factor in my fitness journey and ill try and answer any questions the best I can.

I also recently recieved an amazing package from Protein World full of amazing products I have been trying out too over the last few weeks and will review them as soon as I finish the 30 day challenge!

Again, a massive thankyou to the wonderful Protein World!
Much love x


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